Changing VMware Workstation tmp file in Linux


Regularly, I'm getting an error message from VMware workstation when my tmp directory consume the whole partition space. This freezes the running machines and closes all machines.

So I decided to change VMware default directory to another disk.

Step #1 | Close VMware workstation

First, close VMware workstation and make sure that there is no background process running.

Step #2 | Edit Vmware Configurations

Open to vmware configuration file as root user using your favorite editor.

nano /etc/vmware/config

Then add the following line.

tmpDirectory = "/your/new/vmtmp/"

Note: It's recommended to make a new directory and not make the temp files hanging with your other files.

Step #3 | Run VMware Workstation

Now run VMware workstation and fire-up a machine. You'll immediately see a new directory being created for that machine


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