Setup Global Proxy for All Apps in Android (without root) with Burp Suite

During pentest engagement, you may face some applications are not sending their requests to burp suite even after setting up your wifi proxy settings. It might be confusing at the first time because other applications (chrome) on your android devices are sending requests and you can see it. That's because some applications don not comply with your Wifi proxy settings.

WiFi --> Drony Proxy(ANDROID-LOCALHOST:8020) --> Burp Suite Proxy (COMPUTER-IP:8080)

Step #1 Setup Your Computer and Burp Suite


  1. Make sure your computer is connectect to the wifi network where your Android device is connected

  2. Make sure you Firewall Allows incoming/ingress connections on port 8080 which is burp suite proxy default port.

Burp Suite

  1. Go to Proxy tab (Ctrl+Shift+P).

  2. Under Proxy tab, Go to Options tab.

  3. In Proxy Listeners, Select the current listener and press Edit button

  4. From Bind to address, Select All Interfaces radio button

  5. Press OK.

Step #2 Install 'Drony' Proxy

Install Drony proxy from Play store

Step #3 Configure your Wifi Proxy Settings

From your android device,

  • Go to Settings >> WiFi

  • Long Press on the WiFi SSID

  • A popup shows, press Modify Network Config or Manage network settings, depends on your phone vendor

  • Check Show advanced Options

  • Scroll-down to Proxy and change None to Manual

  • Set Proxy host name to

  • Set Proxy port to 8082 , which is Drony proxy port

  • Click Save.

Step #4 Configure Drony Proxy Settings

As Drony now works as a proxy for your android Wifi settings, we need to add a proxy setting for Drony itself, which basically our Burp porxy

  • On your android, Go to Drony application

  • Settings tab(Slid right)

  • Uncheck Proxy is visible from outside option.

  • Make sure that drony's proxy on port 8020.

  • Scroll-down to Network section

  • Press Wi-Fi.

  • You'll fine a list of your Wifi networks, Select your SSID (the one you are connecting to and configured the proxy setting for in step #2). You should see right below the correct Wifi name.

  • Set Proxy type to Manual.

  • Set Hostname to your computer's IP (in my case:

  • Set Port to your burp suite's port (by default: 8080)

  • Go back to Home tab or Log tab

  • Press ON at the bottom


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